Glasses Versus Smasses

hipsterglasses VS. smart A**es

Some people wanna tell me there was no hip glasses trend this year – as designer I can tell you – every year since the sixties ray ban glasses are cool and hip. Except in the nineties. But then again there were also some guys.. lets simply say ray ban are timeless classics.

Btw also Pilotglasses are a Ray Ban Classic.

berlinhipsterfestival2012 – Where? When?

This is going to be the best festival summer ever!!! Here some words from the festival manager (german): Sommerloch? Nix da! In Kürze werdet Ihr endlich erfahren, wo es genau startet, soviel steht fest – es wird sich in oder um Berlin herum abspielen.. Doch wo genau? Wir sagen es euch, aber erst wenn die zeit reif ist. Und das wird sehr bal sein, also komm in ein paar tagen wieder und lies hier mehr über den entscheidensten jahrhundert Event in Berlin – das Berlinhipsterfestival2012 wartet auf dich.



The Great Hipster Fixie Race

Ok, jokes about hipsters and fixed bikes are growing old. Especially when the bikes featured are not even fixies. Seriously, they could have done a better job at that: they all have brakes, a guy rides a cruiser and the girl a… mountain bike? They look like a Mexican gang that has just lost their lowrider. Judging from this video, in the US bikes are either some weird prop for kids, to be used until you get 16 or “hipster fixed gear” material. In Berlin everybody and his mum rides a bike, so one would expect a higher standard. The video is quite entertaing, though, even though it’s 2 years old (a few centuries in hipster time). We might consider it a pioneer in the big field of hipster jokes and enjoy it as such in the daily hipster festival that is Berlin in 2012.

Fixed was yesterday – extreme Hocker puts the hip in hipster in 2012!

Yeah, it’s people making tricks with stools. You thought you had seen it all in terms of hipster sport activities… Actually the video is almost two years old, so I can’t imagine what hipsters in Berlin might have come up with in the meantime – hopefully now bikes will be back being bikes and not fancy substitutes for a lack of personality. You really need a stool for that kind of support!

Hipstery what? Oh, free t-shirts!!

I found out about this page today, while I was looking for informations about what’s going on in the Berlin hipster community (yes, I sometimes look for stuff like that on purpose. Everything to kill some time at work). They seem to be making fun of hipsters, which is the first sign of hipsterism by the way, like Wikipedia teaches us – yeah, it’s way down, I’m afraid you have to read the whole page. But they also sell t-shirts, or give away t-shirts (of course, it’s ironic!), I didn’t really get it… I didn’t get the point of the whole website, to be fair. Maybe there ain’t one, except trying to make a quick buck. That’s human nature. But they have some funny articles and this one‘s quite spot on. Hopefully they’ll have a spot in the next big hipster event in 2hipster_shirt012 – before another trend sets in.


[Copyright image: juplife | Flickr cc]

Now it starts – the festival season is about to begin!

This Open Air festival will be no hipsterfestival at all. Open Air for Open Minds 2012 is taking place at the north of Berlin. From 31st of may to June 2nd there will be some great performances.



Thursday: May 31st

TransitTheater Berlin: Theater mit Puppen und Menschen
Ausstellunseröffnung vom Anti-Diskriminierungsbüro Berlin
Film “Noise and Resistance”

Fryday: June 1st

Improtheater: Notausgang
4.30pm & 21.30 Stylebattle

from 5pm HipHop:
Damion Davis
Microphone Mafia
Kurzer Prozess
+ Special Guest

Aftershow with HipHop-DJs

Saturday: June 2nd

Act Absurdum: “Brian on Stage”
3.30pm & 9.30pm Stylebattle

from 4pm Punk:
The Bottrops
No Exit
Frei Schnauze!
Dirty Dancing Dinosaurs
Epic Fail

BrühBrothers in Flames

Kendama – the hip new trendsport

Check out this crazy san fran guys – if you are still not familiar with this one – it’s a traditional japanese toy made from wood – there is this wooden thing with 3 “platforms” to land the wooden bowl on.

It will definitely be the next hipster sport in berlin – footbag is so f…ing 90ies – this is the new thing ! Check it out and start you training to be one of the trendsetting guys at next berlinhipsterfestival2012 ! For more visit (tempory not available)